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Cas Series

S18 E39

S18 E39 (5 Jun 04) : The Good Father by Catherine Tregenna

Episode Summary

It is the day of Luke’s inquest. Josh sticks to his story and claims that drug addict Greg was holding the gun before it went off. Greg’s wife, Kate, tries to get Luke to say it was his fault but the coroner returns a verdict of accidental death. Luke, however, announces that he is going to quit.

Charlie is also leaving – but for a six-month sabbatical in Canada to work on Baz’s project. At his leaving party Fin asks Luke to be his best man on one condition only – that he doesn’t quit.

Nikki is making a slow recovery in hospital. The MRI scan shows that her right arm is likely to be permanently paralysed. She will be unable to drive or work as a paramedic again; she is devastated.

Simon continues to be irritable and disorientated at work. When Abs points out that this is starting to affect Lara, Simon decides to come clean with Harry about his drug problem, though Lara tries to dissuade him.

Meanwhile, Olly Beresford, who has cerebal palsey, comes in with an ankle injury with his over protective father. They have both been keeping the fact that Olly’s mother has left them from eachother. Olly feels a burden to his father, who later collapses with chest pains.

And Kirsten comes in with her ill baby son. It is discovered that Kirsten’s father hid cocaine in his milk powder, unknowing Kirsten would use it.


* Ollie Beresford – ankle injury.

* Robbie Beresford – chest pains.

* Sam – baby overdosed on cocaine.

First Words/scene

Outside A&E;

Charlie : Harry!

Harry : Sorry Charlie can’t stop, got to go the inquest.

Charlie : You obviously have nothing to say about my resignation then.

Harry : Your what?

Last Words/ scene

Upstairs ward;

Nikki : I’m your bridesmaid – I want to be there. I might not be able to catch the bouquet… please Comfort, don’t postpone, promise?

Comfort : I promise (they hug eachother, as Nikki cries)

Notable Facts

* Cassie Raine plays Kate Miller.

* Paul Henshall plays Ollie Beresford.

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