S26 E13

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S26 E13 (19 Nov 11) : No Goodbyes by Kelly Jones

Episode Summary

Susan Hampshire and Michael Jayston star as a couple trying to come to terms with his terminal illness and Ruth makes a surprising discovery.

Older couple Caitlin (Hampshire) and David (Jayston) are heading for the coast for a romantic weekend full of memories. But when David’s serious illness worsens, they find themselves in Holby ED. David is tired and weak from all his treatment but Caitlin is determined that they fight to prolong his life. Can Ruth and Jay help Caitlin try to let go and make the most of the time they have left together?

Meanwhile, Dylan and Sam put aside their differences to diagnose a mystery condition and help a young teenage mother keep her baby and Ruth blames her medication for making her feel weepy and distracted. She confides in Jordan that her medication may not be working but could there be another reason for her uncharacteristic symptoms

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