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Cas Character

Zoe Hanna

Played by Sunetra Sarker


S22 E18 ‘Take a Cup of Kindness Yet’ – S30 E34 ‘Hello, I Must Be Going’; S32 E19

Job Title

Clinical Lead/ Consultant

First Words

(on mobile) Then just tell me what junction I need to come off at.


Consultant Zoe is ruthless and dynamic. She is intelligent, highly talented and very ambitious. But she’s also a total mess. She’s always in a rush, disorganised and is constantly losing things but doesn’t apologise for her weaknesses. She smokes, she drinks and parties hard – she’s not afraid of anyone or anything.

Memorable Moments

  • S22 E18 – Zoe finds herself on call the day before she joins, but makes a good impression.
  • S22 E19 – Zoe first meets Sean and they are instantly attracted to eachother.
  • S22 E25 – Zoe and Adam share a kiss, but write it off due to incompatability.
  • S22 E31 – Zoe dumps Sean when he fails to support her during her first shift as Clinical Lead.
  • S22 E37 – Shocked to learn Jessica and Sean are married, she threatens to reveal about the affair.
  • S22 E44 – Zoe unexpectedly catches Adam and Jessica kissing. Knowing now that Jessica was having an affair – she quickly resumes her own relations with Sean.
  • S22 E46 – Marilyn asks Zoe to lie on oath when Maggie’s case goes to court. She attempts to bribe Zoe with a career proposition but Zoe declines.
  • S22 E47 – Zoe tells Sean that she was being blackmailed by Marilyn over their affair. Surprisingly Sean refuses Zoe any help. Zoe later helps Noel and Ruth try to find a missing document which could clear Maggie.
  • S22 E48 – Zoe is blackmailed by Marilyn but decides to redeem Maggie in court, but also revealing that she’s been sleeping with Sean in the process.
  • S29 E6 – Connie puts in a call to Zoe following the tragedy involving Jeff’s death.
  • S29 E7 – Zoe makes a surprise but welcome return to Holby but continues to give Max the cold shoulder.
  • S29 E14 – Zoe confronts Max when she finds him spying on her and Dylan.
  • S29 E15 – Alcoholic Molly returns to Holby – Zoe tries to convince her to keep fighting.
  • S29 E16 – Zoe finally decides to tell Max what she really wants from him but his NY resolution is to get back on the dating scene.
  • S29 E20 – Zoe and Max rekindle their relationship.
  • S29 E21 – Zoe tries to keep her and Max’s relationship a secret.
  • S29 E23 – Max gives Zoe an ultimatum about keeping their romance quiet and they end up kissing in reception infront of shocked colleagues.
  • S29 E26 – Zoe experiences groundhog day.
  • S29 E29 – Zoe is suffering with a hangover following the Consultant’s ball.
  • S29 E34 – Unable to live like a student with Max, she books herself into a luxurious rented accommodation.
  • S29 E37 – Max spends the night in his car when he gets annoyed with Zoe’s disappointment of his holiday gift.
  • S29 E41 – After a disastrous meeting with Max’s mother, Max decides to propose to Zoe.
  • S29 E42 – Robyn holds a surprise engagement party for Zoe and Max.
  • S29 E45 – Zoe and Max celebrate their stag do’s.
  • S29 E46 – After cheating on Max, Zoe and Max wed but later she confesses. A fire later erupts at the wedding reception endangering colleagues.
  • S30 E1 – Charlie rushes to save Zoe from the freezing water after the boat explosion.
  • S30 E6 – Max asks Zoe for a divorce.
  • S30 E11 – Dylan tries to get Zoe to face up to the fact her marriage to Max is over.
  • S30 E20 – After a one night stand with Victoria, at first Max tries to make Zoe jealous but later needs her help to dump her.
  • S30 E24 – Max and Zoe are back together but their reunion is short lived when Max realises he can’t trust her.
  • S30 E32 – Zoe considers a future outside of Holby when Max encourages her to internet date.
  • S30 E33 – With a hangover from hell, Max plays her a late night voicemail she did saying how much she missed him. Later Zoe braves a poisonous spider as she goes to rescue Max and Connor from a dangerous situation. The pair end up kissing.
  • S30 E34 – Following a hostage situation, Max says a tearful goodbye to Zoe at the airport as she leaves Holby for the States.
  • S32 E19 – Zoe returns to Max and they reunite and leave Holby together.

Love Interests

  • Sean Anderson
  • Nick Jordan
  • Matt Strong
  • Max Walker

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