Zosia March


Played by Camilla Arfwedson


S15 E48 ‘The Kick Inside’ –

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First Words

Malick : Oi newbie!

Zosia : Are you talking to me?


Zosia is determined, ambitious and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She isn’t afraid to question hierarchy and she doesn’t feel obliged to fit in, but she is open-minded and fiercely loyal to those she likes.

A private person, she holds a troubled past, having struggled to get over her mother’s death to cancer and holding blame with her father, who happens to be CEO Guy Self.

Forthright Zosia makes her debut in S15 E48, already managing to domineer Arthur. In S15 E49, she also manages to fluster Malick who seems to have met his match in her whilst desperate to prove his Clinical Skills tutoring to Hanssen.

Elliot, who is initially delighted to be working with Zosia in S16 E1, is next to find her a handful. She voluntarily decides to “psyche” a patient’s mother – much to Elliot’s chagrin. When the mother complains, he soon realises who he’s dealing with in Zosia – she reads him the riot act on why Elliot can’t get rid of her. In S16 E3, she again sets herself on a collision course with Elliot when she speaks out of turn while treating a patient with heart disease. In S16 E7, Zosia is determined to prove her worth during the MAJAX, but finds it hard understanding the ways of the ward on Darwin. In S16 E9, Arthur’s obsession with everything “Chantelle“, draws to an abrupt end when Zosia, needing to find a new flat-share, bets him to go a whole day without saying his ex-loves name, otherwise, she will move in to Chantelle’s old room. Terrified, Arthur does everything in his power to avoid it but fails. In S16 E11, as Christmas approaches, Zosia is determined not to let her father back into her life, but a patient notices the medic’s solemn demeanour and gives Arthur a few ideas to cheer her up. In S16 E12, Guy extends an olive branch to Zosia but she rejects it, saying she wants to keep their relationship purely professional. Zosia’s unimpressed when Guy orders her to work with him on a complicated case but Elliot urges her not to let her animosity towards Guy get in the way of her progress as a doctor. In S16 E14, Arthur’s stunned when he discovers junior doctor Dominic has returned to work at Holby. Arthur’s still annoyed with Dominic for lying under oath as an act of revenge against his former mentor Malick, who had rejected his advances. Arthur tries to discredit Dominic in front of Zosia – but his bad boy reputation just serves to impress her. Later, Arthur returns home to cook a special meal for Zosia, only to discover she’s invited Dominic to be their new flatmate. In S16 E16, Sacha arranges for a 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy to be scanned at Holby in an attempt to inspire his junior doctors, but the plan backfires when, under pressure from Guy to get Zosia interested in surgery, she expresses more interest in the mummy. Left with no choice, Sacha forces her into theatre, where her lack of dedication and skill nearly proves fatal. In S16 E19, since arriving at Holby, Zosia’s made no secret of the fact that psychiatry is what she’s really interested in, and her continued lack of enthusiasm for surgery is getting on Sacha’s nerves. She soon perks up, however, when he asks her to do a mental state exam on patient Beth. But the junior doctor fails to spot some important clues to Beth’s condition, which almost causes a disaster. Sacha gives Zosia a dressing down and she gets a further telling off from Guy. But their confrontation also leads to a conversation about Zosia’s dead mother, which seems to bring father and daughter closer. In S16 E20, Zosia has a newfound bond with her father and, when top transplant surgeon Catherine O’Malley arrives, Guy suggests Zosia assist her. Zosia agrees but becomes troubled by the case when she realises the donor could be giving his kidney under false pretences. Nevertheless, O’Malley insists that Zosia put her feelings to one side and assist with the transplant. In S16 E22, Zosia’s concerns over a critical case fall on deaf ears as Guy becomes increasingly distracted and Zosia is forced to take matters into her own hands, with unexpected results. In S16 E23, Guy is pulled up before the board after Zosia backs a patient’s complaint against him. It seems Guy is more worried about protecting Zosia’s career than his own – but when Zosia begins to crumble, the last person she wants help from is her father. Guy, however, is the only one who can give her the answers about her mother that she truly craves. Guy reveals her mother refused treatment as she didn’t want Zosia’s career to suffer. In S16 E25, it’s the one-year anniversary of Zosia’s mother’s death and, after rejecting flowers from her father, she treats Finn, whose brother Owen is interested in who sent her the bouquet. Owen finds a bottle of date-rape drug GHB in Finn’s jacket, which Finn brushes off as ‘a bit of fun’. Later, Owen finds Zosia drowning her sorrows in a bar and insists on buying her a drink. She realises her drink has been spiked and urges him to drink it instead leading to his collapse. In S16 E26, Dominic rises to Sacha’s challenge of delivering on the ward but when he offends his best friend Zosia in the process he has to go all out to win her back. In S16 E29, Zosia is determined to forget a disastrous date from last night, which is easier said than done when the man in question turns up on the ward as a patient. In S16 E30, Zosia is determined not to be held back by being put on probation and sets out to show Sacha she still has what it takes to pass her F1 year. But when an unusual patient raises suspicions, it remains to be seen whether she has learnt from past mistakes. In S16 E34, Zosia’s thrilled to get an A grade in her medical exam but she’s scored badly in the patient feedback forms when it comes to her bedside manner. Jesse reckons patient Lindsey Kendal will give Zosia a chance to prove she can have empathy for her patients but, when Lindsey refuses pain relief, Zosia flirts with Jesse hoping he’ll make her see sense but he refuses to help. Dominic reckons Jesse’s winding Zosia up because he fancies her – and he suggests she likes Jesse, too. Zosia soon works out why Lindsey’s refusing painkillers and forms a bond with the patient, who agrees to be treated with an anaesthetic spray. Later, Zosia’s visibly annoyed that Jesse’s been entertained by her attempts to be kinder to her patients. But her frustration soon turns into passion, as she throws herself at him and they kiss! In S16 E35, Arthur discovers Jesse and Zosia’s romantic liaison, but any jealousy he feels is soon forgotten when he falls for a marine biologist. In S16 E37, Colette works out what is going on between Jesse and Zosia, pulling no punches as she warns the anaesthetist to keep away from his friend’s daughter. In S16 E38, after finding Zosia with the morning-after pill, Guy vents his frustrations about his wayward daughter to best pal Jesse – unaware he’s the man she’s been seeing – prompting Jesse to tell Zosia that they should cool things off. When Zosia witnesses Jesse’s closeness with Ashley, the mother of a young patient, Fred, she’s sure he’s cheating on her. As Zosia’s jealousy gets in the way of Fred having an operation, Jesse tells her it’s over. In S16 E39, Guy offers Jesse a permanent job, he’s delighted but concerned following his recent relationship with Zosia. To give himself breathing space, Jesse agrees to give Guy an answer by the end of the day. Jesse soon learns that Zosia’s not dealing with their recent split at all well. But when Jesse makes a mistake in theatre that risks paralysing a patient, he offloads his stress onto Zosia and the pair end up kissing. Jesse quickly regrets their moment of passion, so when Zosia lies about an emergency just to get him alone, a livid Jesse tells Zosia it’s over for good, which leads a desperate Zosia declaring her love and threatening to tell her dad everything. At the end of his shift, Jesse sees Guy as planned. But rather than sign a permanent contract, he tells his friend he’s moving on – and then admits to seeing Zosia. Filled with rage at Jesse’s betrayal, Guy lashes out and punches him. In S16 E40, Zosia’s struggling to cope with Jesse’s abrupt departure and lack of contact. Arthur dismisses her upset until Dominic makes him realise she’s truly heartbroken. In S16 E42, it’s the end of term for Zosia, Dominic and Arthur and Zosia’s determined to let her hair down, especially following her recent break-up with Jesse. Before they can celebrate, the trio must treat patient Noah, who’s training to become an astronaut. But Noah’s mother doesn’t want to tell him she’s dying of cancer, fearing he’ll be distracted from his studies. Not wanting Noah to miss out on precious time with his mother like she did, Zosia wants to tell him the truth. Arthur can’t believe Zosia’s making this family’s situation about her and abruptly tells her the reason Jesse left her is because she only ever thinks about herself. Hurt, Zosia heads off to drown her sorrows with Dominic, but takes prescription drugs on top of all the alcohol… and ends up unconscious. Dom and Arthur secretly battle to save her life at the hospital. In S16 E43, Arthur becomes increasingly worried about Zosia, convinced her constant partying is affecting her skills as a doctor – so much so that when his girlfriend is brought in with an infection, he doesn’t trust his colleague to treat her.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E19 – Zosia and Guy finally attempt to bond over her mother’s death.
  • S16 E23 – After going up against Guy to the board, Zosia and Guy have a heated debate.
  • S16 E26 – Zosia has a tough shift on the anniversary of her mother’s death.
  • S16 E39 – Jesse tells Zosia it’s over whilst Guy learns of their relationship.
  • S16 E42 – Zosia collapses following an overdose on drugs and alcohol.

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