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HC Character

Zosia March


Played by Camilla Arfwedson


S15 E48 ‘The Kick Inside’ – S19 E51 ‘Veil of Tears (Part Two)’; S20 E1 ‘The Prisoner’; S21 E8 ‘Never Say Never’ – S21 E16 ‘North and South’

Job Title

F1 / F2 / CT1/ CT2

First Words

Malick : Oi newbie!

Zosia : Are you talking to me?


Father, Guy Self. Mother, Anya and grandmother, Valerie Sturgeon.


Zosia is determined, ambitious and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She isn’t afraid to question hierarchy and she doesn’t feel obliged to fit in, but she is open-minded and fiercely loyal to those she likes.

A private person, she holds a troubled past, having struggled to get over her mother’s death to cancer and holding blame with her father, who happens to be CEO Guy Self. During the series she is also diagnosed with bi-polar.

Zosia forms a close bond with Arthur and Dominic but the death of Arthur from cancer in Series 18 hits them hard. After failed relationships with Jesse Law and Sebastian Coulter, Zosia finally gets close to Oliver Valentine and as they prepare to tie the knot in September 2017 – her troubled relationship with her father looks set to cause friction.

Love Interests

  • Jesse Law
  • Sebastian Coulter
  • Oliver Valentine

Memorable Moments

  • S15 E48 – Zosia makes her debut.
  • S16 E1 – Elliot finds working with Zosia a handful.
  • S16 E9 – Zosia moves in with Arthur.
  • S16 E12 – Guy offers Zosia an olive branch which she stubbornly refuses.
  • S16 E16 – Sacha forces Zosia into theatre, where her lack of dedication and skill nearly proves fatal.
  • S16 E19 – Zosia and Guy finally attempt to bond over her mother’s death.
  • S16 E23 – After going up against Guy to the board, Zosia and Guy have a heated debate.
  • S16 E25 – Zosia has a tough shift on the anniversary of her mother’s death.
  • S16 E34 – Zosia and Jesse kiss.
  • S16 E39 – Jesse tells Zosia it’s over whilst Guy learns of their relationship.
  • S16 E42 – Zosia collapses following an overdose on drugs and alcohol.
  • S21 E16 – Zosia reveals her baby is Oliver’s and decides to leave Holby.

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