Ethan Hardy


Played by George Rainsford


S28 E20 ‘Bad Timing’ –

Job Title

Specialit Registrar. Emergency Medecine

First Words

Date of Birth

28th November 1986 (as shown in 30.27)


Ethan is serious and hard-working although somewhat awkward socially. He has a methodical, cautious approach, but does end up making slightly inappropriate jokes and using self-deprecating humour.

Ethan doesn’t exactly put his best foot forward during his first shift in S28 E20; his mother is seriously ill and he’s trying to negotiate her ongoing care with the help of his brother, Caleb, who’s not being very forthcoming. Lily is unhappy that he had disappeared mid-way through shift and voices her concerns to Zoe, who informs her that his mother has died.

Memorable Moments