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Cas Series

S17 E20

S17 E20 (25 Jan 03) : Spiteful God by Leslie Stewart

Episode Summary

Jack’s fully recovered and back at work but his conscience is still troubling him. He’s keeping watch on Jason’s condition, anxious to see him recover but worried that if he does he’ll remember him. And Charlie’s back from his holiday and a series of changes are about to greet him. The new entrance has been completed, Duffy’s handed in her resignation and Colette and Josh’s marriage is in tatters. Charlie wonders why he came back!

Comfort’s shout turns out to be Fin’s sick daughter, Emma. It looks like a stomach bug but they bring her in for observation anyway. Tony’s doing his own observing, he’s got his eye on Jack who’s making a panicky phone call to Eddie. Tony knows that Jack had something to do with Jason’s injuries and he knows Eddie’s behind it.

It’s Duffy’s day off but she pops in to see Charlie and tell him her news. The pair enjoy a touching conversation implicitly recognising the importance of each other in their lives. Duffy has another bombshell to deliver, she and Ryan are to be married and next week will be her last in the department. But she offers Charlie one grain of comfort, she says the reason she’s so fond of Ryan is he reminds her of Charlie.

Fin and Nikki are on a shout and get delayed. By the time Comfort delivers him back to A&E, Emma’s condition has deteriorated badly. The blood results reveal she has septicaemia and Emma’s moved immediately into rescus’. Her condition is grave but all the worried parents can do is sit, wait and hope.

Josh finally manages to pin Colette down for a chat. He wants to know if she’s having a relationship with anyone else. She’s adamant that she isn’t. Josh admits he doesn’t know what he wanted to hear and says it’s hard seeing her every day in the department.

Duffy makes her first visit to her new business premises. The entire place looks a wreck but Ryan assures her everything will start arriving next week. But Duffy’s sorted one thing out, the company chequebooks have arrived. The pair kiss to celebrate. Tony, meanwhile, is making his own visit to tell Eddie to back off from Jack. Eddie’s clear that Jack is just a good son helping his father out but Tony says all he cares about is money. He makes his point by flinging the money Eddie’s trying to palm off on him into the road. A concerned Eddie scrambles to retrieve all of his dosh.

Roxy’s feeling vulnerable after another tough day in A&E. The sight of Fin’s sick child has left her wondering why innocent children have to suffer. Dillon comforts her with a hug and offers to take her out for a meal. Roxy though would prefer they just headed straight home.

Jack’s still keeping up his vigil outside Jason’s hospital room. His fiancée appears and asks Jack to sit with him for a moment. Jack agrees and is relieved when he doesn’t appear to remember him from the heist. But, suddenly, Jason’s memory begins to return and he remembers Jack from outside the pub. Just as Jack begins to shout his protestations, Jason begins to fit violently. Is Jack’s secret about to come out?

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