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Cas Series

S17 E09

S17 E9 (9 Nov 02) : Innocence by Greg Evans

Episode Summary

Josh doesn’t tell Colette when he goes to check out his health fears at the medical centre – Finn reveals to her he has gone to get tests. Colette confronts Josh who says he is suffering the male menopause and has been prescribed viagra. Colette is relieved. Eddie gives Jack club tickets for him and Tony. Tony refuses to take anything from his father. Jack is jealous when sexy photos of Nikki eventually get put up in the staff room.

Roxy returns to work after her suspension and is glad to be back. Her first patient is a 14 month old baby, Gareth, who has suffered scalding. Harry is impressed when she manages to calm the baby down.

Mark Christie goes to visit a student, Molly, who he has been having an affair with. He finds her collapsed in the bath and calls 999. The team at first suspect an overdose. Roxy is shocked to discover Mark, who is the father of Nicole. Harry eventually diagnoses Molly with suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. When she wakes up, Roxy talks to Molly who reveals how she ended the relationship with Mark and his only concern was that Molly had threatened to tell his wife about his affair. Molly discharges herself to go and see his wife, leaving an unknown Mark waiting in reception for her.

Teenager Dom steals the bag of an old lady, Kath, and runs off into the path of car. They both end up in hospital. Dom has a fractured wrist and Kath, suffers and fractured hip. Dillon spots cancer on her x-ray which Heather misses, but she passes off the diagnosis to Harry, as her own. Harry tells Kath the cancer is widespread and fatal. Kath confronts Dom, who admits his older brother put him up the theft. When his angry mother comes to collect him, Kath says Dom wasn’t involved in the crime, and he says he will come and visit her.

Lara goes to court on her appeal. Melanie confesses the truth about her husband and Lara is released – Dillon meets her at the station. Jan is unwilling to have her back in the department, but Charlie and Harry pull a stunt to get Lara back on the team. They all welcome her back in the pub after work.


* Gareth McCarthy – scalding

* Molly Blythe – carbon monoxide poisoning

* Kath Berry – fractured hip, discovered to have terminal cancer

* Dom Powell – fractured wrist

First Scene/ words

Ambulance pulls up at A&E, Nikki rushes out with baby;

Nikki : Move! Move!

Fran : I want my baby

Nikki : Harry! Gareth McCarthy, 14 months, scalding to upper abdo and arms

Last Scene/ words

At Lara’s welcome back party at the pub;

Charlie : (to Jan) Apparently the Holby Gazette have already spoken to Harry, so think of the headlines.

Harry : So charge your glasses everyone. Welcome back Lara!

Everyone : Welcome back Lara! (Lara looks on to her future)

Notable Facts

* Stefan Dennis plays Mark Christie

* Rachel Leskovac plays Molly Blythe.

* Lisa Palfrey plays Melanie Collier

* Philip Martin Brown plays Eddie Vincent

* Gudrun Ure plays Kath Berry

Screencaps : S17 E9

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