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Cas Series

S19 E19

S19 E19 (8 Jan 05) : Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Brothers by Paul Ebbs

Episode Summary

Ellen has been up all night worrying about going back to the Ukraine. Abs offers to go with her to a meeting with immigration services but she declines. At work Abs persuades Tess to let Ellen finish early so she can make the meeting, he then gives her money to take a cab there. That evening, he finds Ellen crying in the flat. Abs says that is if will help her he will go to the Ukraine with her. She tells him she did not go to the meeting – the reason she is upset is that her father phoned her earlier. He is coming to England for a business meeting and he wants to see her.

A woman and her daughter climb into a window cleaner’s cradle so they can spy on McFly in their hotel room. The cradle gets stuck and the daughter falls, injuring her leg. Although he is terrified of heights, Harry has to absail from the roof down the outside of the hotel to treat the girl. Later, McFly visit the girl and her mother in hospital.

Charlie mentions that he will be 50 next week. He asks Bex to organise a party for him – she relishes the idea.

Claire’s brother Pete comes to meet with Comfort. Bex sees him and takes an immediate shine to him. Pete tells Comfort that they will be able to get Ruth out of the flat for now but it will be difficult to keep her out. Pete asks to see Comfort again, with all her paperwork so that he can determine the best course of action.

Sam finds Comfort and Fin’s marriage certificate in the locker room. He takes it and Comfort later finds him scribbling on it. She is furious and demands to know what he is doing. He says that he is altering it because it is inaccurate – they were never married. Comfort is outraged and tells him she should give him the beating his mother obviously never gave him. Tess sees and tells Comfort to leave Sam alone. She tells Comfort that she should not speak to her son like that and maybe when she gives birth to her own child she will understand what being a mother is like. Later she asks Sam if Comfort was telling the truth about him drawing on the certificate. He says that Comfort is lying and he did no such thing.


Karen Pagett, a young woman with cuts in her hand after pushing her landlord into a vase, so that he would keep his hands off her

Gordon, Karen’s landlord, deep cuts in his side, he has an epileptic fit later in resus due to hitting his head

Rose Pearson, a girl who injures her leg badly after falling over in a cradle, while trying to help her McFly obsessed mother get a picture of them

Gemma and Jessica, two young McFly fans. They both have home made piercings and tattoos, which has given Jessica blood poisoning

Najma Ahmed, a 15-year-old with fractured elbow and knee after getting pushed down some stairs in school

First Scene/words

[Sally and Rose Pearson and walking on the roof of a hotel, while the alarms go off in the background]

Rose: Are you sure we’re doing this?

Sally: By the time they get up here we’ll be long gone. This is gonna be brilliant.

Last Scene/words

[Tess walks into the staff room]

Tess: Right. What happened?

Sam: What?

Tess: With Comfort.

Sam: I don’t know…

Tess: She’s not gonna lie about something like that! Samuel, please, what happened? Why did you ruin her marriage certificate?

Sam: I can’t believe you’re listening to her, mum. Why would I ruin a valuable bit of information?

Tess: I don’t know!

Sam: Well, who are you gonna believe; her or your own son?

Notable Facts

* Boyband McFly guest appear as themselves.

* Adam James plays Peter Guildford.

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