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HC Past Series

S4 E27

S4 E27 (9 Apr 02)  : Change of Heart by Julia Weston

Episode Summary

The morning after the party, Ric is released from police custody, and, after an unofficial reprimand from Meyer, reconsiders his application for a lucrative administrative job at the nearby Hadlington private hospital.

Janice is suffering from dizziness, which Owen deduces is anemia, but also the stress of the impending divorce.

Teenager Oliver Gordon is in for a check after a fall at home, when Steve finds a lump in his neck. It is an anxious time for his mother, until Ric can do a biopsy.American cardiac surgeon Alan Fletcher returns, with his wife, who is in the final stages of rejecting her transplanted heart. They beg Meyer to use an experimental artificial heart pump to save her life.

Notable Facts

David Soul plays Alan Fletcher.

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