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HC Past Series

S5 E42

s5e42S5 E42 (22 Jul 03) : The Parent Trap by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Diane heads into AAU with a patient, Sarah, and meets Ric who says he’s been working late in the Hadlington with Zubin all night. Sarah’s daughter is very fidgety and Sarah tells Diane that her daughter was a heroin addict. Zubin goes to see Sarah, along with his student Leo. Leo and Jess arrange to go for a drink after work to bruy the hatchet. Ric gets angry at Leo for not being told that he’s acting as Zubin’s student. In theatre Leo seems to lack concentration but the operation is soon suspended when Sarah has a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and her temperature is too dangerous for them to continue. Anita see’s Sarah’s daughter and helps her to admit how she feels. Chloe (Sarah’s daughter) is taken to see Sarah in the side recovery room, when Zubin and Ric discover they have to operate or Sarah will die Chloe runs out of door by theatre and disappears. Leo goes to look for her after the operation and finds her in the stairwell out of it, she’s injected herself with heroin. Leo gets her up and gets her into the relatives room, he also takes all of her equipment for using heroin so she can’t do anymore. He see’s Anita with Tom and interrupts. Leo tells anita that Chloe’s in the relatives room but reveals she’s also taken heroin. Tom isn’t pleased and walks off not pleased with the situation. Anita see’s Chloe and tells her that she’s got her a place in the drugs clinic if she wants it. When Sarah wakes up Anita see’s her about Chloe. Chloe see’s Sarah and admits she messed up and she’s going to the drugs clinic to get clean. Sarah has to be resuscitated, Chloe see’s all of this happen and gets upset. When Ric stops and announces her dead Leo and Kelly try to stop her running off. Kelly grabs her but Chloe restles with Kelly and Kelly falls to the floor. Anita and Tom go for a drink but she walks out on him after a disagreement. Diane meets Ric and comments on his gambling and that being where he is last night. Ric walks out after a while as Leo sits in the cubicle of a toilet doing heroin.

Nic tells Sandy they can’t go on a date that night as Nic’s busy. Nic talks to Kelly and discusses with her about going to visit their dad’s grave. Sandy thinks Nic’s seeing someone else. Nic admits to her he’s going to his dad’s grave and when she offers to go with him he gratefully takes up her offer. Kelly gets upset with the shock of what happens and after having already scaring Sandy off of going with Nic when he visit’s their dad’s grave. Kelly calms herself down and agrees to going with Nic.

Owen realises his new PA is Tricia. Tricia rearranges the mess of Owen’s office and begins doing all of the various paperwork that needs doing. She takes a patients relative’s onto the ward. Rosie isn’t pleased. Rosie goes for a scan to see why she can’t conceive but Owen can’t see anything. Rosie then snaps about Tricia for comforting a patient, Nina, who is very upset. Tricia says she can’t work with Owen when he reprimends her. Mubbs offers her to go for a drink. Instead she puts in got a transfer but Owen doesn’t want her to go. Instead they begin kissing and go into the private office together.


Sarah Palmer – A patient on Keller who has an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic and then later dies.

Nina Sharman – A patient on Maternity who is suffering a lot of pain it turns out she has a sexually transmitted diesease.


Screencaps : S5 E42

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