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Cas Series

S8 E11

S8 E11 (27 Nov 93) : Give Us This Day by David Richard-Fox

Episode Summary

Emma Hayes, a member of a religious cult, is thin and emaciated. Her father’s attempt to snatch her away does not go according to plan. She’s out walking when her father and a few friends grab her and put her into their car. Struggling to escape, Emma opens the car door and is dragged along – the car is moving. When she is taken into A&E, Emma refuses treatment, telling staff that she believes everything is provided by God and he will help her. Tom Harley talks to her and eventually gets her to agree to some tests. Emma’s mother later arrives, and in an emotional reunion, Emma begins to rethink some of her beliefs. The cult she is in doesn’t allow her to see family and takes money from her. However, just when it looks as if Emma is in safe hands recovering Abraham, the cult leader, turns up to reclaim his disciple. Despite the team’s efforts, Emma goes with him.

A homeless woman, Carey Neal, turns up at Casualty with no obvious signs of illness but desperate for a bed for the night. Charlie tells her she can’t stay and asks her to leave. Later she is returned to the department after she has been beaten up.

Meanwhile, Ash isn’t pleased when he has to treat vagrant Jimmy Hare for trench foot.

Leonard McGuinness, who cannot cope with retirement, seeks attention by eating nuts to induce an allergic reaction. His wife is very worried about him until she learns that it was done on purpose – and recalls times from the past when he’s has similar unexplained reactions.

Duffy announces that she is pregnant, but does not get the chance to tell Charlie as he’s not around. She also tells her husband Andrew that she’s going to resign – but not just yet.

First Scene/words

[In a large building, a large group of people are slowly chanting, until their leader, Abraham, stops them, walking amongst them as he speaks and they listen intently.]

Abraham: Stop. What is it that holds us back? What is it that prevents us from carrying out the simple act of devotion? God has opened the door that leads to happiness and fulfillness. Why do we hesitate? Why do we not go through? Because of what others may think of us? But let me ask you this. What is more important? What our friends and families think of us, or what God thinks of us?

Last Scene/Words

Duffy: Adele, have you seen Charlie?
Adele: He’s upstairs in a meeting I think…
Duffy: Oh no, I don’t believe this!
Adele: What’s wrong?
Duffy: Well, I’ve been trying to tell him all day, I’ve just not got the chance….
Adele: Oh – you mean about the baby?
Duffy: Yeah.
Adele: Well do would you like me to tell him?
Duffy: No – thanks. I’ll write a note. Okay?
Adele: Okay.
[Duffy goes into Charlie’s office and starts to write a note. Soon the door opens and Mie enters.]
Mie: Duffy? Andrew’s here.
Duffy: Oh – right, can you tell him I’ll be along in a minute? Thanks Mie.
[When she has gone, Duffy sighs, scrunches up the note and drops it into the waste bin.]

Notable Facts

Emma is played by Helen Baxendale.

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