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Cas Series

S16 E31

S16 E31 (6 Apr 02) : Dominoes by James Wood

Episode Summary

Comfort visits a church to confess her sins, after sleeping with Finn. With Josh off sick, she is surprised to find herself working with Finn that shift and finds it awkward.

Lara starts her day by failing to save a man, Pete’s, life after a cardiac arrest. Due to a busy shift, his brother, Alan, waits six hours to be told of his death.

Jan informs Charlie of an outbreak of a serious virus, Norwalk disease, which has closed an upstairs department.

Jez Whitely angrily discharges himself after waiting all day to get his hand stitched, after he injures himself breaking into his house, after forgetting his key. He is later brought in after his car crashes into a wall.

A 16 year old boy, Kofi, gets his hand trapped in machinery at a kebab factory. His boss tries to bribe him to keep quiet that the safety guard was not on. Kofi’s hand has to be amputated. Finn suspects foul play and calls in health and safety, but regrets his decision when he finds out Kofi and his family were illegal immigrants.

Nikki is starting to get her feelings back for Jack, but is annoyed when a girlfriend, Jo, of a patient with a head injury, chats him up and says he will go to a DJ gig of his.

Wheelchair bound from a stroke, Mark, takes an overdose and is brought into A&E with his devastated partner, Alex. Mark tells Alex he doesn’t want to live anymore like an invalid, and he suffers another disabilitating stroke. Alex gives him his wish of death, by smothering him with a pillow and he dies. Lara discovers her actions and the police are called, but understands she did what she did out of love.

An old lady, Mary, comes in after a fall with her care worker, and bores Simon with her nature stories. Her care worker leaves the safety bar up and she falls again from her bed.

Tony tells Dillon that he thinks he’s a closet gay, which Dillon denies. After a stressful shift, Comfort tells Finn that it was wrong to have an affair with him and that people will get hurt. Finn tells her he can’t stop thinking about her and they share another kiss. Charlie tells Jan that the department is hitting breaking point and hopes no cases of Norwalk will reach A&E.


* Pete Clark – dies in Resus after cardiac arrest.

* Jez Whitely – waits hours to get his hand stitched, discharges himself and is later brought in after an RTA.

* Kofi – 16 year old worker, traps hand in machinery, amputation needed.

* Phil – cuts head in bedroom.

* Mark – wheelchair bound from stroke. Overdoses and is later smothered by wife and dies.

* Mary Meggie – old lady fallen over, and at A&E falls off bed.

First Scene/ words

Lara is resuscitating Pete in Resus as Dillon and Charlie look on unhopeful;

Lara : How long had he been a systolic?

Charlie : 20 minutes

Lara : Come on Pete, I’m not starting my day like this. Does anyone want to try anything else?

Charlie : He’s gone Lara

Last Scene/ words

Charlie : This place is stretched to breaking point – it’s getting worse

Jan : Can I suggest we don’t panic?

Charlie : Nobody’s panicking but if that bug gets down here, we’re going to have to close this department and isolate everybody in it. You just better pray nobody dies!

Notable Facts

* Nicole Faraday plays Jo

* Paul Venables plays Mark.

* Mina Anwar plays Shelley.

* Sam Loggin plays Claire.

Screencaps : S16 E31

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