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Cas Series

S19 E33

S19 E33 (16 Apr 05) : Cops and Robbers by Katie Hims

Episode Summary

As the trial looms, Bex visits the court to familiarise herself with the procedure. Frightened by the prospect of reliving events, she wonders whether she can go ahead with the case. She panics and decides she is not strong enough to cope. However, later Sam tells her how brave he thinks she is being which makes her realise she has to go through with this.

Luke tries to talk to Bex after she found out about him and Claire last week. She is devastated and tells him she will never forgive that he is dating her rapist’s sister.

Abs tries to raise the money for the loan sharks but cannot get the cash and is beaten up.

Sam is back at work and feeling out of his depth but Bex and Tess help him through a tough first day. Sam tells Bex the real reason why he was off and she supports him.

Maggie almost fails to get away on time for an important exam as she treat patient, Paula, with terminal cancer. Paula wishes to discharge herself so she can get married while her mother is in denial about her condition. Woody and Luke save the day by giving Maggie a lift to the airport so she can catch her flight.

Clare is struggling with the thought of her brother’s court case and goes to speak to Pete. She is shocked when he reveals something to that he was forceful with Bex but that she was asking for it.

A man, Dan, is brought in after he is hit by a car in a police chase. He is a suspect in an armed robbery. A woman, Shirley, turns up claiming to be his girlfriend. She tells him she lied because she just wanted to check he was OK after witnessing the accident. Dan asks Shirley to provide an alibi for him to the police.

A woman, Andrea, comes in with cuts to her face, claiming to have fallen over. She discovers Dan – her husband – is in the department and it is revealed they had a fight after she also refused to give him an alibi for the robbery when learning of his continuous infidelity. Shirley retracts her statement with the police.

An elderly lady, Emerald, is brought in with a nose bleed. The team discover she has stopped taking her medication, so she could look after her sister. Her condition worsens but Harry saves her in CRASH.

A man, Vernon, who has blue paint all over himself, collapses outside the department after suffering a heart attack. He also recovers in CRASH.


* Dan Ferrino – hit by car.

* Andrea Ferrino – cuts to face.

* Paula Mortimer – advanced breast cancer.

* Emerald Walker – severe nose bleed.

* Vernon Milford – heart attack.

Notable Facts

* Tess does a tap dance for patient Emerald.

* Nina offers to sell her necklace that her Nan gave her to raise the money for the loan shark.

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