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Cas Series

S9 E12

S9 E12 (17 Dec 94) : Under the Weather by Lisa Evans

Episode Summary

Charlie returns from leave angered to find Ash has been suspended. Ash comes in to see him, but on trying to sympathise – Ash tells him he is the one that has had to cope with racism all his life.

Mike is happy that his estranged wife Anne and children are spending Christmas with him.

Jaundice Vivien Guyett comes in complaining of pains to her abdomen. She is vague about her background but Rachel manages to get the name of her GP and Mike arranges an ultrasound scan. Vivien has advanced cancer of the pancreas, but the report from her GP claims that Vivien is perfectly healthy. A woman arrives at reception and asks after Connie Saunders; she gives her name as Vivien Guyett. It transpires that Connie cannot accept that she is dying; have visited five other places in the hope of getting a different opinion on her condition. A hurt Vivien tells Connie that she is leaving her, and Connie must either accept that she is dying or lose her. Connie later apologises, and asks her to stay saying she is just terrified of her fate.

Two young brothers, Rory and Finn, enter a sewer outlet when it begins to rain, and are forced further into the labyrinth when their father, Joe, comes looking for them. All three are engulfed by a torrent of water. Their cries for help are heard by a little girl standing by a drain in the street above them. They are taken to Holby but the team are upset when the younger boy, Finn, dies. Josh takes Liz aside, ‘Don’t bottle it up – we’re only human’ and tells her paramedics must stick together. Out buying Christmas presents for her children, their mother, Rebecca, return to find the police outside her house waiting to tell her the news.

War veteran Archie Farrel, who has had a fall, tells Jude of his nightmares, triggered by the iminent D-Day celebrations. Charlie says he must be suffering from post traumatic stress; pleasing his granddaughter that he isn’t senile and that his condition can be treated. Archie witnessed the execution of a prisoner in Greece, as Jude tries to comfort him, he eventually confesses that he was the executioner therefore should not be classed a war hero.


* Connie Saunders – cancer of the pancreas.

* Finn Jobson – dies after being trapped in sewer.

* Joe Jobson – abdominal injuries.

* Rory Jobson – minor injuries.

* Archie Farrell – fractured wrist and suffering PTS.

First Words/ scene

Back garden;

Rebecca : I’m off to do the shopping now, so you’re in charge now OK?.. Joe?

Joe : Yeah yeah right

Rebecca : Why schools have to give kids the day off is beyond me.

Joe : Teachers need to shop for Christmas too you know!

Rebecca : And what’s wrong with Saturdays?

Last Words/ scene

Matt : There’s a woman over here, with her cat – got a bone stuck in it’s throat, wants to know what she should do!

Jude : What?

‘O’Come All Ye Faithful’ tune plays in background. Rory goes into the relatives room where his mum awaits. Jude picks up bag which Archie has put in the bin and finds it contains his war medal.

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