Goodbye Xavier

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As HOLBY CITY finished this week for an extended break due to filming shutdown, fans were left reeling at the shock death of surgeon Xavier Duval.

In recent weeks, Xavier was on a mission to bring down colleague Cameron but despite managing to gather the evidence he needed, he was tragically involved in a road-traffic accident before the information came to light. Cameron, who witnesses the accident leaves the scene of the crime with the evidence against him. And the news devastates his partner, nurse Donna Jackson.

Actor Marcus Griffiths joined the medical drama in February 2018 and speaking to the Metro about his exit revealed ‘There’s sort of a Shakespearean tragedy in the way Xavier goes after his enemy, because he’s actually finally — at his core — doing what he’s supposed to do, as opposed to doing what suits him at the behest of other people.’

Whether Cameron will eventually get his comeuppance remains to be seen, but Marcus was pleased with his exit storyline, ‘I miss him already! I do. I’ve never tackled a long-running character before. It’s been two years, but I’m pleased with how I left it. – I was happy with it. I thought it was very powerful.’

Take a look back at Xavier’s time on the show ..

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