Iain Dean


Played by Michael Stevenson


S26 E31.1 ‘Under Fire’; S26 E33 ‘Appropriate Force’; S28 E5 ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’ – S28 E30 ‘The Lies We Tell’; S29 E6 ‘The Last Call’ –

Job Title

Lance Corporal (S26); Student Paramedic (S28); Paramedic (S29+)

First Words

(to Sam) I’m gonna miss you.. the secondment back home


Iain is first introduced to us as a Lance Corporal in a webisode episode, where we learn he is having an affair with his colleague Sam in Afghanistan behind Sam’s husband, Dylan‘s back. In the future, Sam is awaiting a GMC hearing over her treatment of a patient, in S26 E33 as she takes the stand, Iain is brought back as a character witness. He reluctantly admits that Sam shot a civilian in Afghanistan whom she thought was armed.

We next meet Iain, when he joins the team as a Student Paramedic in S28 E5; Sam is shocked to see him and Tom, who is now dating Sam, has his guard up on meeting him, knowing of their history. Iain clashes with Jeff in his first few episodes, Jeff thinks he is not a team player. Dixie urges them to sort it out and after another incident, the pair begin to build bridges. In S28 E8, Iain helps a teenager caught up in a fatal car crash face up to the truth.

Memorable Moments

  • S26 E31.1 – Special webisode where we meet Iain, from Sam’s past.
  • S26 E33 – Iain testifies against Sam at her GMC hearing.
  • S28 E5 – Iain joins the team as a student paramedic.

Love Interests

  • Sam Nicholls
  • Rita Freeman
  • Lily Chao

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