Iain Dean


Played by Michael Stevenson


S26 E31.1 ‘Under Fire’; S26 E33 ‘Appropriate Force’; S28 E5 ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’ – S28 E30 ‘The Lies We Tell’; S29 E6 ‘The Last Call’ –

Job Title

Lance Corporal (S26); Student Paramedic (S28); Paramedic (S29+)

First Words

(to Sam) I’m gonna miss you.. the secondment back home


Mother, Kim Harrison and Sister, Gemma


Iain is impulsive and the first to rush into a dangerous situation. He has a quick temper and a strong sense of justice which occasionally affects his behaviour.

Iain is first introduced to us as a Lance Corporal in a webisode episode, where we learn he is having an affair with his colleague Sam in Afghanistan behind Sam’s husband, Dylan‘s back. We then meet him again a few episodes later when he is a character witness at Sam’s GMC hearing. He reluctantly admits that Sam shot a civilian in Afghanistan whom she thought was armed.

Iain leaves his army days behind him, with mental scars from his platoon being blow up. He shows a reluctance to show his true feelings but behind the bravado is a caring individual.

We next meet Iain, when he joins the team as a Student Paramedic in S28 E5; Sam is shocked to see him and Tom, who is now dating Sam, has his guard up on meeting him, knowing of their history. Iain clashes with Jeff in his first few episodes, Jeff thinks he is not a team player. Dixie urges them to sort it out and after another incident, the pair begin to build bridges.

Memorable Moments

  • S26 E31.1 – Special webisode where we meet Iain, from Sam’s past.
  • S26 E33 – Iain testifies against Sam at her GMC hearing.
  • S28 E5 – Iain joins the team as a student paramedic.
  • S31 E1 – Iain is in the helicopter that crashes into the ED department.
  • S31 E3 – Lily tries to help Iain realise he doesn’t need to be `Mr Action Man’ all the time.
  • S31 E19 – Iain’s life is turned upside down by the arrival of his wayward sister Gemma.
  • S31 E21 – Iain continues to give Lily the cold shoulder after her misunderstanding with his sister.
  • S31 E23 – Iain is in shock when he treats his estranged alcoholic mother and finds his sister Gem has been released from prison.
  • S31 E24 – After catching her stealing from him, Iain gives his sister another chance and tries to hep her find a job.
  • S31 E25 – Iain offers to help his sister Gem when she threatens to quit her hospital job because she can’t read.
  • S31 E29 – Iain faces his fears when a snake gets into the ambulance.
  • S31 E32 – Iain tells Gemma to pack her bags when he finds out she has been posting revenge porn.
  • S31 E33 – Iain rushes to Lily’s side after she is hit by a car. Gemma admits to him it was her fault.
  • S31 E38 – Lily and Iain get together at Cal’s funeral.
  • S31 E39 – Lily and Iain clash over treatment of an elderly couple.

Love Interests

  • Sam Nicholls
  • Rita Freeman
  • Lily Chao

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