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Cas Character

Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford



Played by Patrick Robinson


S5 E1 – S10 E24; S12 E25/26; S27 E22 – S29 E14

Job Title

Staff Nurse / Senior Staff Nurse / Charge Nurse / Locum Consultant

First Words

Beth : Oh just a couple of stitches and a course of tetanus

Ash : Right (opens cubicle to see a skeleton on the bed) Dead on arrival it seems!


Ex-wife, Laura. One daughter, Ella.


Ash was a dependable, capable and very keen nurse, who went by the book and had high principles. His only flaw was to be impatient at times, but he always cared about the patients and staff. Casualty’s 4th male nurse, joined the cast in Series 5, as Staff Nurse, he also became a Union Rep. In S5 E12, it is revealed Ash is a diabetic, and he is able to help a fellow sufferer.

In Series 6, Ash befriends Student Nurse Kelly – he is one of the only people she can talk to, but it doesn’t stop her from committing suicide in S6 E10, Ash is shocked, and this shift he also feels responsible for the death of an elderly patient, who suddenly has a seizure, when he is not with her. Ash has to constantly cope with racist remarks, which he normally handles well. In S6 E8, he is punched and insulted by a youth, while trying to settle an argument between him and his girlfriend. At the end of Series 6 – there is a major plane crash – Ash is called out with Julian, to assist at the scene.

In Series 7, we meet Ash’s girlfriend, Nikki – she is a student, living off a grant, with a mortgage and have very little money between them, which causes problems. They split up in S7 E12, but make up at Christmas time. Nikki then reveals in S7 E16 that she is pregnant, they discuss the possibilities including abortion, which he is not 100% happy about – but she goes ahead anyway. They split up for good. In S7 E6, Ash impresses us with his talents by singing ‘Oh Carol’ at the karaoke evening. In S7 E20 (CASUALTY’s 100th episode), Ash learns he has deservedly won his promotion to Senior Staff Nurse, and the staff arrange an after shift drink to congratulate him.

At the start of Series 8, Ash resents Ken, who has been appointed to Clinical Nurse Manager – a job he applied for. In S8 E6, Ash helps his friend Dennis celebrate his birthday, with friends. Dennis is behaving strangely – and Ash discovers him taking amphetamines. At a nightclub, Leon, a bouncer recognises Ash from the local gym, and also keeps an eye on Dennis. Dennis goads Leon and they fight – Leon knocks Dennis unconscious. Ash is torn between Leon’s plea for help and his own loyalty towards Dennis, who later dies. In S8 E8, Ash has his briefcase containing insulin stolen by two youths. They inject it not realising what it is, one of them collapses and is taken to hospital and is forced to tell Ash where his friend is – so as to save his life. Ash also dates Mie, but it fails before it begins when she decides to go back to Japan. As Duffy leaves in S8 E13, Ash and Adele realise they are both in competition for her job. Ash is promoted to Charge Nurse in S8 E16.

In Series 9, Ash has conflicts with his new Senior Staff Nurse Kate, who feels they are understaffed. In S9 E7, Ash finds himself again the victim of racial abuse. Mark Hitchens first insults SHO Eddie – Ash is threatened as he orders him out the department. As Ash leaves, he is cornered by Hitchens and threatened with a knife. Ash knocks him to the ground, and Evans (Hitchen’s friend) who’s hiding round the corner, picks up the knife and takes Hitchens away. Eddie sees the fight from an upstairs window – but not the knife – and is horrified by Ash’s violence. Next episode Ash learns Hitchens has made a complaint about him and Eddie can’t back up Ash’s claim that he had a knife. A court case looms. In S9 E11, a newspaper article prompts Ginnie Davies from Personnel to ask Ash to leave the hospital. Ash pleads with Matt, the receptionist, to give evidence on his behalf, as he knew Evans as a racist, but he has been threatened not to testify. On trial day, Jude persuades Matt to testify and says Hitchens did threaten him – Ash is acquitted. (Matt is then attacked in S9 E23). Back at work in S9 E19, Ash feels uneasy, he applies to teach A&E skills at a local college.

In S10, Ash returns to Holby A&E. In Ep.4, Laura, the new PR Officer has been shadowing a night shift. She asks Ash out for a drink – and it ends up back at his place. Ash confides to Charlie it was a one-off, but he still has feelings for her. In S10 E12, they argue over the fundraising event – and then he asks her out. In S10 E15, they go to a charity ball together – it’s the first time they are seen together and he lifts her up off her feet and kisses her. In S10 E18, Ash proposes to her. In S10 E22, we meet Ash’s father, Franklyn, he is initially opposed to their marriage, but agrees to come to the wedding. In S10 E24, Ash and Laura get married.

Ash returns in S12 E25/ S12 E26, as best man at Charlie and Baz’s wedding, although he now has a daughter Ella, he has split up with Laura.

Ash, living in America and having retrained as a doctor returns as a Locum Consultant in S27 E22. He comes back to Holby to be closer to his wayward teenager daughter Ella.

Memorable Moments

  • S29 E3 – Ash visits Rita, who has been drinking, to make her face her problems.
  • S29 E5 – Ash is involved in a minibus crash along with some of the rest of the team, which ends up in Jeff dying.
  • S29 E6 – Ash struggles following Jeff’s death and feels the blame is on him.
  • S29 E7 – Dixie and Ash have a full blown row with her blaming him for Jeff’s death.
  • S29 E11 – Ash tries to bully a Jehovah’s witness patient into agreeing to a life saving blood transfusion.
  • S29 E12 – Connie insists Ash returns to his counselling sessions.
  • S29 E13 – Ash and Dylan conflict over the treatment of a teenager who has overdosed.
  • S29 E14 – Ash comes to terms with his feelings and quits Holby.

Love Interests

  • Nikki Wyatt
  • Laura Milburn

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