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HB Series

S1 E02

Episode Summary

Drugs baron Neculai Stenga frightens his girlfriend, Louise, by unexpectedly and violently assaulting a prostitute. Shocked and afraid, Louise reports the attack to the only police officer she can trust, her ex-boyfriend PC Billy Jackson. Agreeing to testify against Stenga, Louise is promised police protection in return for her statement.

Knowing Louise holds the key to his future freedom, Stenga arranges a hit on her by one of his henchmen, Steven Price. After distracting the officers protecting her, Price knocks Louise over, nearly killing her and only just missing her young daughter. Angry and frustrated at the danger Louise and her daughter were put in, Billy loses his head and, without authorisation or evidence, storms into Stenga’s headquarters and “arrests” Price.

Meanwhile, excited about a prospective job at the station, [ID 1951]Kate[/ID] fancies a celebration and invites her ex, John, round for supper, and he readily accepts. However, complications are just around the corner when, unbeknown to Kate, he has double booked.

After a one-night stand with [ID 1959]Rachel[/ID] from CPS, John begins to regret hastily arranging a second date, especially as Rachel couldn’t be keener. After being dropped by John, Rachel becomes suspicious of his paper-thin excuse. After finding out his real plans, she delights in sticking a “bitchy” spanner in the works.

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