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HB Series

S2 E01

Episode Summary

Tony Jordan’s fast-paced police drama returns for an extended series and it’s all change for the blues of Holby, including a case involving their colleagues at Holby City Hospital – the first time a storyline has crossed over the two sister shows.

Kate Keenan enjoys a drink at a police event while her husband, DI John Keenan, mingles. It’s not long before a handsome man spots her alone and makes a move. Surprised by his boldness, Kate deals with his advances with good humour; however, it’s obvious she’s flattered and enjoyed the attention. Little does she know she has been flirting with her husband’s new boss, DCI Scott Vaughan.

As the next day at the station begins, a heavily pregnant Inspector Jenny Black dishes out assignments to her rowdy troops and a puzzling case awaits Keenan and the rest of the CID team: a doctor from Holby General has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Holby City hospital’s feisty registrar, Jac Naylor, is accused of attacking someone who previously assaulted her. Despite the overwhelming evidence against her, Jac passionately denies any involvement. Co-workers are called up as character witnesses and DS Luke French asks Jac’s colleagues if they think she is capable of murder – shockingly, their opinion is divided. Lola Griffin is prepared to stand up for her colleague, but others are not so confident in Jac and her defence begins to crumble.The facts are stacking up against the beleaguered doctor: there are no traceable witnesses and her former lover, Dr Joseph Byrne, doubts her innocence. Consequently, when the victim dies in hospital, Jac’s self-belief starts ebbing away as she realises things are not looking good – until a chance meeting at the station leads detectives to their mystery witness.

Notable Facts

* Jac Naylor, Lola Griffin and Joseph Byrne from HOLBY CITY all appear in this episode.

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Screencaps : S2 E1

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