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HB Series

S2 E11

Episode Summary

After Mandy’s sudden death her husband, Luke, supported by colleagues John and Kate, returns to the station following her emotional funeral. Despite overwhelming grief, Luke can’t bear to go home to an empty house and insists on returning to work. While trying to convince Luke to take some time off, John discovers he has left newborn Ruby with Mandy’s mother and is showing no signs of bringing her home where she belongs.

Unable to assign an assault case involving a prostitute to John, Scott reluctantly lets Luke start the investigation. The main suspect is John’s violent father who, having only recently been released from jail, enjoys playing games with Luke in his interview.

Meanwhile PCs Lucy and Jake investigate the blackmailing of a local shop owner and her husband. While making enquiries they struggle to calm the married couple, who constantly bicker and go against all police advice, but soon make a surprising discovery.

Christian’s relationship with Miranda progresses when she is brought in to help with the case against John’s dad, and they finally get round to arranging a first date.Life takes a turn for the worse for the Keenan family when John Snr turns up uninvited at their family home. With his son out at work, John Snr meets Kate for the first time and manages to charm his way into the house. Kate knows her husband will be furious but once John Snr crosses the threshold she realises there is no going back.

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