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HB Series

S2 E04

Episode Summary

Following the tragic death of her friend and colleague PC Robert Clifton in last week’s episode, PC Lucy Slater is struggling to cope with her loss.

On the streets of Holby South, a young man, Pradip Das, has been beaten unconscious in an unprovoked attack. Eager to catch the culprits, DI John Keenan and DS Luke French set about trying to find the gang of youths responsible. When a local teenager, Trey Gabriel, is arrested for joy-riding in the area of the attack, it becomes obvious he is either a suspect, or a witness to the vicious assault. Trey’s mobile is discovered to have footage of the brutal attack, making the young Pradip a victim of the ever-increasing, vicious crime of “happy slapping”.

As his appropriate adult and youth worker, Sean Burrows is brought in to accompany Trey during the investigation. After running a project for disadvantaged kids, Sean now has a good relationship with CID. Keen to help his ward, Sean tries to persuade Trey to help with police enquiries, but the troubled teenager reacts badly to Sean’s advice.Angry and frustrated, Sean returns home and vents his fury through a shocking and violent attack on his teenage son, Lee, forcing him to take action that permanently changes their family.

Elsewhere, after one of the hardest days in her career, Lucy decides to hand her notice in, leaving her beloved job for ever.

Screencaps : S2 E4

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