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HB Series

S1 E06

Episode Summary

Scared he will be uncovered as a mole for drugs baron Stenga, DCI Harry Hutchinson has found a scapegoat in colleague PC Billy Jackson. After ordering Billy’s arrest for perverting the course of justice, the Holby South PC is due in for further questioning and charging, something his colleagues aren’t looking forward to. Desperate to get Billy off the hook, DI John Keenan and DS Luke French send PCs Lucy Slater and Robert Clifton undercover to unearth a witness whom they hope can clear Billy’s name.

Elsewhere, a young Asian woman has acid thrown in her face by an unseen attacker; members of the public assume the motive was racism. Harry is keen to ensure heightened tensions in the area aren’t inflamed further and instructs Inspector Jenny Black to make it a priority. Routine enquiries lead John and Luke to the victim’s white fiance, confiding that her father is a very strict Muslim who has issued death threats against them both. As John and Luke work hard to build their case against the victim’s father, the forensic findings lead them to a less obvious suspect.

With an exciting job opportunity in the CID unit up for grabs, both Neil and Kelly are on tenterhooks. Despite both PCs being in the running for the job, Neil is offered the position. However, his sense of achievement is short-lived when, in the aftermath of the suspected race attack, he grows concerned that his appointment has been a political choice.

Screencaps : S1 E6

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