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HB Series

S1 E03

Episode Summary

DS Luke French and his wife, Mandy, are devastated when their second attempt at IVF fails. In an effort to get away from it all, Luke arranges a weekend break for them both. However, when Luke’s terminally ill mother calls for help, his loyalties are split and priorities called into question.

PC Neil Parker and partner PC Kelly Cooper, meanwhile, find a batch of stolen goods in a shed. Plagued by money problems, Kelly discovers an envelope of cash amongst the goods and finds herself in a quandary.

Elsewhere, PC Lucy Slater is tasked with helping Desk Sergeant Mac deal with a tense and agitated man called Martin. Unbeknown to Mac, Martin nabs a security pass, sneaks back into the station and, armed with a chisel, traps Lucy in the locker room. Alerted by the noise, Mac comes to investigate but, terrified at the prospect of such a crisis, falters, and Lucy gets stabbed.

Meanwhile, DI John Keenan is pumped up and determined to finally nail Stenga with a raid, after a suspect has informed the team that a shipment of crystal meth is about to arrive. Poised to storm the truck and confiscate its contents, the team discover they have been duped as the truck contains nothing but heart-shaped balloons.

With the plan foiled, and only a few people in the know about the raid, John has to consider the possibility of a leak within the station. The true identity of this mole is sure to have far-reaching consequences.

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