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HB Series

S2 E03

Episode Summary

PC Kelly Cooper returns from a training course to find not much has changed in the precinct. Kelly’s colleagues are working in tandem with CID to investigate a gang-related stabbing. The team desperately tries to calm the situation in order to avoid a rival turf war and its potentially fatal outcome.

PC Robert Clifton, urged on by colleague PC Lucy Slater, finally plucks up the courage to confront his ex-girlfriend again and ask her for permission to see their son. After a passionate plea, she realises her ex is a changed man and offers him one last chance to meet his boy at the end of his shift. Robert is over the moon and can’t wait for the day to be over.

Frustrated by his wayward methods of policing, CPS lawyer Rachel Barker makes a secret complaint against her colleague, Custody Sergeant Christian Young. Inspector Jenny Black is forced to investigate the surprise complaint but Christian would rather give up his job than forfeit his unique way of looking after the community of Holby.

Back on the streets, PC William Jackson is hot on the heels of Connor Daniels, a young man CID suspects is involved in the gang violence. Before Jackson can apprehend the culprit, Connor falls down a flight of steps, suffering a fatal injury.

Set with one of the worst tasks known to an officer, Lucy and Robert go to break the news of Connor’s death to his brother and only known relative, Ronnie. Distraught and determined to blame the police for Connor’s death, Ronnie vents his anger at the visiting officers, with consequences that will change Holby for ever.

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