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HB Series

S2 E05

Episode Summary

DI John Keenan is investigating a case involving teenager Lee Burrows, who has attacked and put his own father in hospital. Choosing to trust gut instinct over circumstantial evidence, John feels certain that Lee was acting in self defence. The case forces John to come face to face with his own childhood traumas, making him increasingly introverted as he shuts out the person closest to him: his wife, Kate.

On the verge of a breakthrough, John is sure that Judy, Lee’s mother and the only witness to the attack, will confirm his suspicions over Lee’s motive. However, when Judy hears that her husband, Sean, has woken from his coma, she is violently sick and quick to retract all she has said. Out of fear of recrimination, Judy becomes increasingly desperate to attend Sean’s bedside before he notices her absence. Stopping Judy in her tracks, John applies pressure in the hope that she will give a statement, but she is too scared and is vehement in her denial of what John is trying to get her to admit.

Frustrated at being dumped off the case by DCI Scott Vaughan, John finally admits this case has struck a chord with him personally. Deciding it’s time to expel the demon that triggered his over-zealous behaviour, John goes to confront his estranged father, who is currently serving time for murder.

Meanwhile, after handing in her resignation, PC Lucy Slater is back at home in Yorkshire with her parents. Lucy feels certain she’s made the right decision and has left the force for good. However, when she receives a surprise visit from the station’s Desk Sergeant Edward “Mac” MacFadden, she is forced to confront the reality of her situation and rethink her hasty decision.

Screencaps : S2 E5

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