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HB Series

S1 E07

Episode Summary

When Nico, a bouncer at a local night club, is arrested for assault, he is also found to be in possession of crystal meth, as the precinct drama continues. Aware of Nico’s connections to local drugs baron Stenga, DI John Keenan and DS Luke French attempt to find out the name of his supplier. Much to John and Luke’s frustration, Nico remains tight-lipped and is given bail. John continues his investigation, catching his mentor and the station’s DCI, Harry Hutchinson, leaving Stenga’s warehouse. Everything suddenly clicks into place and John becomes aware that he may have found Holby South’s mole.

Irritated by the growing closeness between her new lover, John, and his estranged wife, Kate, CPS lawyer Rachel Barker delights in making Kate’s life a misery at the station. Flaring a dispute, Rachel brings Kate’s beloved children into a quarrel, something that even Kate can’t ignore. Falling right into Rachel’s trap, Kate finally loses her temper and lashes out.

Despite increasing pressure at work, Luke is distracted by his mother’s illness and goes round to check on her. Feeling guilty at the strain she is placing on her son, Cathy pleads with him to help her take her own life. Refusing to assist her in this way, Luke leaves for work, asking his wife to check on Cathy later. However, Cathy is found dead after a nasty fall, leaving Luke devastated.

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Screencaps : S1 E7

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