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HB Series

S2 E08

Episode Summary

Determined to nail Holby’s most wanted pimp and drug dealer, Toby Wilson, Scott calls for a raid on a brothel, where CID suspect he’s also making his young prostitutes sell drugs.

Getting Wilson’s team of petrified prostitutes to open up is proving harder than CID anticipated. One of the young girls, Charlie Bailey, has been caught with drugs in her room and CID take her in for questioning. While John and Luke work to get a confession from Charlie, PCs Jake Loughton and Lucy Slater deal with a worried mother, Fiona Glover, whose teenage daughter, Jessica, has gone missing.Lucy discovers a link between the two cases and it becomes apparent from further interviews with Charlie that Jessica is in serious trouble.

Intrigued to find out why Jake is being so touchy about his transfer to Holby South, Lucy does some secret investigating and finally solves the mystery surrounding the newest member of their shift.

Christian receives an unexpected visit from Miranda, a former drug addict he helped get back on the straight and narrow. Excited at her new lease of life, Miranda confesses that she’s not only clean and out of rehab, but she also has a job interview. Christian is delighted at her news, but even happier at the prospect of spending more time with Miranda.

After Jenny suffers a pregnancy scare, she tells Christian he’ll be taking over the shift as Acting Inspector from now on and, with minimum fuss, she leaves the station without saying goodbye to her beloved team.

Screencaps : S2 E8

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