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HC Past Series

10.20 On A Mission – 26/2/08

S10 E20 (26 Feb 08) : On A Mission by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

Jac is becoming increasingly frustrated with her lack of career progress and is determined to become a good CT surgeon. She tries to gain popularity with the team on Darwin by covering up for a missing Faye, whom she later finds out has gone to her dead husband’s graveside as he is exhumed.

Maddy, meanwhile, is intrigued when Linden’s eagerness to treat one and all stops short when he is faced with a specific female patient. She later finds out that the patient looks like his dead wife.

Elsewhere, Ric is having cash-flow problems and, when Michael offers him some private work, his principles weaken. He decides to take up Michael’s offer and ends up doing a breast reduction operation – much to his shame.

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