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Former Footballer’s Wives actress Elaine Glover plays the role of eager PC Lucy Slater and has already won over fan’s admiration. The rookie finds herself in danger this week when an unhinged man manages to gain access into the station, armed with a chisel.

Is Lucy as naive as she first seems?

Initially it looks like Lucy’s going to be a push over and she’s not going to have any balls about her.

But she’s got a lot of guts and she can certainly pack a punch when she’s pushed too far. She has innocence and naivety; she’s young and eager to please but she’s not stupid. She’s not a wet character at all, although you might think that in the beginning. She doesn’t take any rubbish from Robert either!

How does she handle her first arrest?

On her police radio she’s heard a suspected paedophile is wanted for questioning so when she sees him in the street her instinct is to chase after him, because that’s her job. She’s goes in all guns blazing running after him, so once she’s committed herself to that act she can’t turn back. She finds herself alone with him in a really frightening situation but she wants to arrest him and do her job properly.

What’s her relationship with her work partner Robert?

I like how they have two very different personalities; Lucy thinks she can teach Robert some manners. She outwits him quite a lot but even though Lucy is quite shy and sweet, the majority of the time she can handle him. She knows that Rob is actually a nice person and there is no real malice in his comments.

Is there an attraction between Lucy and Robert?

She’s definitely soft on him, so I would say there is certainly potential for something. They really do care about one another. The viewers will just have to see what happens between them romantically. However even, if it is just a friendship, it is a solid one.

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