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Cas Series

S25 E42

S25 E42 (2 Jul 11) : Rogue by Hamish Wright

Episode Summary

Adam continues to act under his own jurisdiction in this week’s episode that stars Denise Welch as Goldie, the straight-talking mother of a sex offender.

Known sex offender Matthew is brought into the ED after suffering a beating at the hands of a former victim’s father. When he confesses to Adam that he wishes he was dead, Adam is tempted to bypass normal hospital procedure and help him, especially after a frank talk with Matthew’s ashamed mother, Goldie. Against normal policy, Adam pays a visit to the hospital pharmacist, but just how is he planning to help Matthew?

Meanwhile, Mads is distraught to learn that her new friend is the wife of her attacker, Ash; and Linda goes head to head with Jordan over budgets, only to find unlikely assistance in the form of Jordan’s new PA.

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