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Cas Character

Baz Wilder

* Baz (Samuels/ Hayes/ Fairhead/ Wilder)

Played by Julia Watson


S1 E1 – S1 E15; S9 E20 – S12 E26; S18 E12 – S18 E19

Job Title

SHO / Locum Consultant/ Senior Registrar/ Consultant / Senior Consultant (Has also held Medical Director Post in a hospital in Torronto)

First Words

You maniac Ewart, I could’ve killed you!

Last Words

mmmm….Louis…..mmm….I’m cold


Ex-Husbands Peter Hayes and Charlie Fairhead, and Charlie’s son Louis. Baz was married to Canadian Dan Wilder when she died, but was in the process of leaving him for Charlie.


In Series 1, she has a date with a man called Charles, and a one night stand with a Locum Consultant, Ricky Carson – an old friend of hers, before her relationship with Charlie. She went on to marry Peter Hayes. Arriving back in Holby she has an affair with Charlie, dumps Peter, and marries him. They later divorce, after she has an affair with Paul Deveraux, a Canadian surgeon, and she goes on to marry Dan Wilder, however after they have been married only 3 months, Baz leaves him for Charlie.


Dr Baz Samuels was one of the original cast members in casualty, making her first appearance as an SHO on the newly formed permanent night shift in S1 E1. She was supremely confident, and her abilities as a doctor were far greater than those who followed her in the SHO position. She was well liked and respected by all of the casualty staff, however she often had trouble with the patients – as she remarked to Clive, the attitude of many of her patients was “silly woman, what does she know? Get me a proper doctor”. Her feistiness was often remarked upon, particularly by surgical registrar Rupert Thalton.

There were, however, some signs of weakness behind her super-confident exterior. She strongly disliked working nights in the casualty unit, and found herself taking drugs to keep her going, however after she was confronted by Charlie she stopped. Of all the characters, Charlie was the one who could get through to her – they shared jokes together, offloaded their problems, and eventually fell in love. She became pregnant, however she aborted the baby without telling Charlie (he later found out, and whilst he was initially very hurt and angry, by the end of the series they were very much back together – he bought them both tickets for a holiday in Paris). By the beginning of series 2, they are apparently living together, however she has left him in the middle of the night, leaving only a note.

That is the last we hear of Baz, until near the end of Series 9, when she returns to the department as a prospective locum consultant covering for Mike, who wants to spend some time trying to save his marriage. She has married IT Consultant Peter Hayes, and is keen to follow him to Holby, where his job now lies. This time around, the staff have more mixed reactions to her. Outgoing SHO Eddie Gordon is obviously not a fan, after Baz gets involved and overrules her decision regarding a patient before she has even been given the job. There is plenty of gossip amongst the nurses about Charlie’s relationship with her, and sure enough they rekindle their romance in the series finale after Baz fails to appease an angry patient with a bomb strapped to his back, leaving the department in ruins.

Mike returns at the beginning of series 10, and offers Baz the job of Senior Registrar, which, after some hesitation, she accepts. Baz falls pregnant during the series, and the baby is Charlie’s – she knows, because Peter can’t have children. After a traumatic shift, she tells Charlie about the pregnancy, and eventually she tells Peter, leaving him for Charlie. They continue to have a rocky relationship throughout series 10, however by series 11, they seem to have made up, and the baby (Louis) is born by emergency c-section in episode 1.

After maternity leave, Baz returns and resumes her senior registrar position, however she seems to feel lost without Mike, instead having to suffer the arrogance of Jack Hathaway as consultant. She is further traumatised when it is discovered that Louis’ nanny has been abusing him, and a patient accuses Charlie of sexual harassment.

At the end of Series 11, Jack offers her a post as a part time consultant, and, career minded as she is, she feels she has no choice but to accept, and takes up the post at the beginning of series 12. Her rivalry with Jack is now even more heated, especially as the staff become divided over where their loyalties lie – Richard’s are definitely with Jack, however SHO George Woodman is definitely on Baz’s side (infact, she reminds the viewer, and perhaps Baz, of what Baz herself used to be like as an SHO). Tensions rise, particularly following a mistake Jack makes in abandoning a rescusitation. Eventually, Baz tells Elliot about her fears over Jack’s competence and demeanour, and he feels forced to resign. A replacement is unable to be found, and so Baz steps into the role of full time Senior Consultant – and she enjoys every minute of it, despite Charlie’s reservations.

Eventually, they split up, Charlie even dates another woman, Zoe. In S12 E24 – ‘We can be Heroes’ – Baz is kidnapped, and in her frightened state she turns to Charlie to help, which he does, and she returns safely to the department, with only a grazed knee to show for it. As Charlie is treating her, they both realise how much they love and need eachother, and Baz emerges from the cubicle announcing to the department that they are to be married.

The wedding happens over two episodes at the end of series 12, and in true casualty style is not without its complications. Mike (who makes a special guest appearance in this episode, along with Ash, Duffy and Megan) runs over a woman on the way to the wedding, and midway through the ceremony they have to stop in order to deal with a major incident back at the hospital – the neighbouring hospital, St Thomas’s, is on fire, and they have to take all of the patients. The guests all lend a hand – including the ex staff just visiting for the wedding. Charlie is run over by a patient stealing an ambulance at the end of the first episode, however it turns out alright – he only has a broken arm. They eventually return to the boat and complete the service. Baz tells Charlie that she wants to move to a different hospital to stop workplace battles coming between them, and by the beginning of series 13 she is working in Birmingham, with Charlie commuting to see her every weekend.

This arrangement appears to be working well until Baz takes a post in Torronto, Canada, as medical director, during Series 15. Charlie barely sees Baz, and he reveals to Duffy that she has being having an affair with a surgeon named Paul Deveraux. They divorce, and Charlie begins custody proceedings to get Louis, but later changes his mind.

Baz returns in series 18, to visit her dad, Kenneth, who is dying of lung cancer. She has a shock in store for Charlie – she married Canadian Dan Wilder 3 months previously. The two don’t get on at all, and things reach breaking point during a family holiday to Lapland at Christmas, which Kenneth insists Charlie join them on. As before, they realise how much they mean to each other, and share a passionate kiss under the northern lights.

Once back in England, Baz tells Dan about the affair, and he storms off to the hospital, punching Charlie. Baz follows Dan out into the carpark, and tries to explain to him how she loves him, but loves Charlie more. In the following episode, she reluctantly bows down to pressure from Louis and accompanies Dan to the airport, however Dan becomes distracted by Louis and the car crashes. Dan and Louis both escape unhurt, however Baz sustains horrific injuries, and dies the next week in intensive care. There is some argument between Charlie and Dan about Baz’s wishes to have her organs donated, however eventually Dan relents and Charlie gets his way.

In stark contrast to her wedding, the funeral is attended by virtually nobody we know (except for Charlie, Dan, Kenneth and Josh). Kenneth gives a reading (see below), and then her body is buried in a Holby cemetery.

Death is nothing at all
it does not count
whatever we were to each other
that we are still
call me by the familiar name
speak to me in the easy way
which you always used
laugh at the little jokes that we enjoyed together
play, smile, think of me, pray for me
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was
why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you
for an interval somewhere very near
just around the corner
All is well
Nothing is hurt
Nothing is lost
One brief moment and all will be as it was before
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again.

Memorable Moments

  • S1 E1 Baz’s first appearance in Casualty. She is late, and in typical Baz style, drives manically through the streets of Holby and into the carpark, almost running down Ewart
  • S1 E14 During a traumatic shift, it is revealed by Kuba that Baz has had an abortion. She abruptly dismisses the rest of the staff, but finally tells Charlie the truth
  • S9 E24 – Baz and Charlie get together
  • S11 E1 – Baz gives birth to Louis
  • S12 E24 – Baz is held hostage by a gunman at the solicitors, but is rescued by Charlie, who proposes to her. She accepts
  • S12 E25 / S12 E26 – Baz & Charlie”s wedding
  • S18 E12 Baz returns to Holby, to discover her dad is dying of cancer
  • S18 E16 Baz and Charlie kiss under the northern lights
  • S18 E18 Baz is horrifically injured in a car crash
  • S18 E19 Baz dies in Intensive Care
  • S18 E20 Baz’s funeral

Memorable Quotes

Series 1 –

* Baz:- You MANIAC, Ewart, I could have killed you!

* Baz:- Come on Baz you stupid cow!

* Clive:- He’s right…

Baz:- I know…

Baz (in welsh accent):- And that’s what’s so flamin’ annoyin’!

* Charlie:- I would have married you, made a home for us…

Baz:- I know, and that’s why I couldn’t have told you – I might have been tempted.

* Charlie:- You’ll miss me when I’m famous!

Baz:- Only if I throw something!

Series 9 –

* Mike:- This is Charlie Fairhead, our Clinical Nurse Manager

Baz:- Yes I know, Hello Charlie…

Charlie:- BAZ!

* Baz: I don’t want to go home and I don’t know what I want to do about that

Series 10 –


* Baz: I thought we could have breakfast at your place

Charlie: Don’t you mean dinner?

Baz: No

* Baz:- My husband and my lover watching football together, it’s too weird

* Baz:- I want to stick to procedure

Charlie:- It’ll be the first time in your life that you have!

* Baz:- You can hardly expect me to walk out on him when he’s not even there

Charlie:- I don’t know why not, you did before!

Series 11 –


* Baz:- I can honestly say I think this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

* Baz: I understand

Charlie: No I really don’t think you do, I think it looks pretty damn different if you’re a doctor.

Series 12 –


* Charlie: Maybe we should draw up some kind of a rota

Baz: It’s a home Charlie not a department?

* Charlie: How do you fancy a fabulous exotic dinner for two at the new light of Asia, tonight with the man of your dreams?

Baz: Great. Can you baby sit?

* Baz:- I miss you, I’m lonely, I wish you were here

* Baz:- Charlie and I have an announcement to make…we’re going to get married

* Baz:- Well what are you going to do with the emergency fund?! LANDSCAPE THE CARPARK?!

* Elliot:- Baz You’re needed in CRASH

Baz:- Okay, two secs…

Elliot:- Baz…it’s Charlie…

Baz (as she bursts into CRASH, having thrown the phone she was talking on to Richard):- oh my GOD! Charlie! What happened?!

Josh:- Some madman tried to run them over!

* Baz:- I, Barbara Helen Hayes, do take thee, Charles Robert Fairhead…

Series 18 –


* Charlie: Louis – he just called him Dad

Baz: Dan! He said Dan. For God’s sake Charlie don’t be so paranoid

* Baz:- You always were stronger than me Charlie

* Baz:- Louis wants you here…I want you here

Charlie:- You don’t know what you want, never did…

* Charlie:- I couldn’t let you lose the man you love

Baz:- No, I think I’ve already done that…

* Baz:- I love you, I always will


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