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Cas Series

S12 E05

S12E5S12 E5 (4 Oct 97) : The Things We Do For Love by Peter Bowker

Episode Summary

Money is available for the department, but it is to be spent on refurbishment rather than on secuirty equipment. Elliot faces trouble.

A teenage girl with cerebral palsy is brought in by her new boyfriend following an epileptic fit. She has stopped taking her medication as an act of rebellion, but is encouraged to come to terms with her body and her budding love life by Mark and George. These two are themselves in a quandry, having spent the night together. Richard is still interested in George, and is perplexed when she rebuffs him.

Two sides of a family are locked in a dispute, which culminates in a reckless car chase and horrific crash. It is only in hospital when the mother dies that they are able to work out their differences.

Baz misses Charlie who is away on a course. Mark and George kiss and make up.

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