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Cas Character

Connie Beauchamp

Played by Amanda Mealing


S28 E31 ‘Valves to Vagrants’ –

Job Title

ED Consultant, Clinical Lead

First Words


Daughter, Grace


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Love Interests

  • Jacob Masters
  • Sam Strachan


Memorable Moments

  • S29 E3 – Connie has a visit from former mentor, surgeon Andrea whose motives for treating a patient isn’t what it seems.
  • S29 E5 – Connie is involved in a minibus crash along with some of the rest of the team, which ends up in Jeff dying.
  • S29 E6 – Connie tries to convince herself the hospital is fully functional following Jeff’s death. She eventually puts in a call to Zoe.
  • S29 E11 – Connie is distracted by her home life when Grace is suspended from school.
  • S29 E12 – Connie brings Grace into work and Zoe steps in to help with her daughter.
  • S29 E13 – Connie struggles to juggle motherhood and medicine. She reluctantly turns to Grace’s grandmother Audrey to help out.
  • S29 E15 – Social services arrive to investigate Connie and Grace.
  • S29 E17 – Connie drops her feud with Hailey Blake.
  • S29 E18 – Grace goes missing in the hospital with a paedophile on the loose.
  • S29 E20 – Connie is in meltdown when a group of inspectors visit the hospital.
  • S29 E22 – Connie reveals the real reason she returned to Holby to work in the ED.
  • S29 E23 – Former surgeon and MND sufferer Alfred arrives and is treated by Connie, and requests that he dies with dignity.
  • S29 E24 – Rita and Connie have a showdown in her office.
  • S29 E27 – Alfred begs Connie to help him die.
  • S29 E28 – Connie steal medication that could end Alfred’s life and debated whether to go through with it.
  • S29 E29 – Alfred dies and Connie is arrested for murder, when Rita calls the police.
  • S29 E30 – Connie is interrogated by the police after waking up in a cell.
  • S29 E31 – Connie is released from prison when Rita comes clean.
  • S29 E32 – Charlie and Connie head to Romania to help his drug addict son Louis.
  • S30 E4 – Connie turns down a date with Jacob.
  • S30 E5 – Connie and Jacob are held hostage by terrorists before Jacob is accidentally shot by the police. Connie battles to save him and the pair become closer.
  • S30 E7 – Connie pays injured nurse Jacob a visit. But fails to admit her growing feelings for him.
  • S30 E9 – Connie tries to persuade a furious Jacob to make a statement to the Police Complaints Commission.
  • S30 E13 – Jacob and Connie have an arm wrestling competition.
  • S30 E15 – Connie and Jacob wake up in bed together but she is still concerned with her personal life affecting her career.
  • S30 E21 – Connie gives her boyfriend Jacob the best gift she can think of for his birthday.
  • S30 E22 – Connie and Jacob’s Valentines plans are put on hold when Connie discovers Sam and Grace are in Holby with Tom’s ill girlfriend.
  • S30 E24 – Connie races to the airport to stop Grace from returning to America.
  • S30 E25 – Connie takes an uncharacteristic day off to have a girlie day with Grace.
  • S30 E28 – Connie is taken hostage by a convicted murderer, Jacob comes to her rescue. Grace is unhappy about her relationship with Jacob and gives her an ultimatum.
  • S30 E29 – Connie and Jacob become trapped in a building collapse.
  • S30 E40 – Connie and Jacob end up getting intimate in a hotel following heading off for a presentation but end up coming across a man stuck in a drain.
  • S30 E42 – Connie admits to Grace she’s back in a relationship with Jacob.
  • S30 E43 – Connie and Grace’s car is pushed off the road, over a cliff by an irate mother of one of Grace’s school friends.
  • S31 E1 – The team battle to save Connie and Grace following their car overturning on a cliff edge.
  • S31 E2 – Connie keeps a vigil and her daughter’s bedside.
  • S31 E3 – Connie has to make a life or death decision regarding her daughter’s condition.
  • S31 E8 – Connie returns to work and is unimpressed with Elle’s acting Clinical Lead status.
  • S31 E12 – Connie declares herself fit to work but Jacob tries to persuade her to take Grace home.
  • S31 E18 – Jacob stands up to Connie and tells her that she either has to drop the allegation against Elle or their relationship is over.
  • S31 E22 – Connie drops the case against Elle, when she helps Grace after her collapse at the court.
  • S31 E24 – When Steph is brought in following a suicide attempt, Charlie catches her not treating her when she starts choking and has to step in.
  • S31 E26 – Connie goes to see Hugo in his school play and neglects Grace.
  • S31 E30 – On Grace’s birthday, Grace tells Connie she hates her. Connie turns her attention to Grace’s school friend Hugo.
  • S31 E35 – Connie has to say goodbye to Hugo who has been staying with her but is returning to live with his dad.
  • S31 E41 – Connie and Sam’s loathing turns to love.

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