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Mamta Kaash Interview

Taken from ‘The CASUALTY Fan Club’ newsletter in December 2000; Interview with Mamta Kaash who played Beth Ramanee.

Taken from ‘The CASUALTY Fan Club’ newsletter in December 2000;

Q. How did you get the part in CASUALTY?

A. I literally joined the cast of CASUALTY three days before we started filming. The contract was signed after I had started work as I had been looking at a film project.

Q. Did you enjoy playing you r character Beth?

A. Yes, I loved playing the character of Beth Ramanee – the Casualty officer, though dealing with the blood and gore I found stomach turning! I would not dare to look at my cut up patient until I heard the words ‘action’! Make up would always reassure me with the words ‘it’s not real’ and I would reply ‘but it looks real!’

Q. Who were your main friends on Set?

A. The regulars at that time – were very welcoming – we got on well, watching black and white old videos that Derek would bring into the Green Room while waiting on Set. We had a lovely friendly atmosphere – so I can’t say I was more close to any one member of the cast – we all had a laugh!

Q. What was it like working with the likes of Brenda Fricker and Robson Green?

A. Well Brenda Fricker was the Mum on Set – she would give you a hug and dish out advice. We were all very proud of her when she won her Oscar.  Robson Green on the other hand was the clown in our company – he would make us laugh with his antics and tales.

Q. Do you remember your first scene on CASUALTY?

A. Yes I do remember my first scene – I had to burst through these double swing doors to attend a casualty that had just been brought in and as I’m not too hot with my lefts and rights, much to my director Michael Morris’ frustration I’d emerge from the right side of the swing doors if he’s instructed left and vice versa!

Q. Did you have trouble learning all the long medical words on CASUALTY?

A. The long Latin medical words were a nightmare especially when you also had to remember to point to the right body part when talking about it, and to stitch ruptured skin without injuring your trembling patient who would say ‘you will be careful’ and I would reply ‘no’ and love the reaction on their faces!

Q. Do you miss CASUALTY and what have you been doing since leaving the show?

A. Yes I did admire the show and the people in it and do miss being init.  I have done some theatre, television and radio work since leaving  Casualty – besides catching up with my private life.  Currently I am helping to develop a feature film.

Q. Out of all your work, what do you feel most proud of?

A. I have been lucky enough to get a chance to work with some good parts in good shows – in theatre, ‘MA’ sticks to mind at the Royal Court – on radio ‘Song of the Forest’ comes to mind – the play I won the Giles Cooper award on and television I have enjoyed playing al my parts as they have been so diverse in great shows like Casualty, Emmerdale Farm, Mountbatten, Inspector Wexford Mystery, to name but a few but BBC’s serial ‘Shalom Salaam’ was also very special to me. It won the Writer’s Guild Award at the Cannes Festival and I was lucky enough to pick up the ‘Fipa Gold Award’ for Best Actress for it.

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