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Cas Series

S16 E07

S16 E7 (27 Oct 01) : Facing the Future by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

It’s Halloween in Holby, and the staff prepare for a party after shift.

Colette tries to persuade Josh not to quit, but he says he can’t face the guilt and wants to be left alone. Colette posts his resignation note later in the shift. It’s Danny Oldfield’s funeral, and Josh decides to make an appearance – Fin finds him there, and tells him he shouldn’t throw away his career. Danny’s sister, Lynn, sees Josh and tells him that they can’t forgive him but he should get on with his life.

Chloe, tired from working two jobs, gets on the wrong side of Colette when she forgets to put some drugs back in the cabinet and Charlie finds them dropped in the staff room. Anna as a friend tries to cover for her, but later tells her to get her act together.

Charlie wants the staff to make a good impression, as Chief Executive Jan is taking a tour of A&E, but it’s a busy shift and she feels she’s getting in the way. Jan tells Charlie he has got the Clinical Nurse Specialist job, and asks him out to dinner.

Amanda’s son, Ben, is brought in with a burnt hand, while doing DIY at home. Max first comes to the wrong conclusion, before stitching him up.

Cosmetic surgeon, Nick Hamilton is brought in with a head injury. He is an old colleague of Dillon’s, and reveals that they went to medical school together, before Dillon dropped out in the third year. He later vomits blood, and is found to be an alcoholic with hemotemesis.

Colette believes Carmel Ramsey, with facial injuries has been beaten by her boyfriend. She denies it and discharges herself. Later a man is brought in with a stabbing to his abdomen, the team fail to save him in CRASH. Carmel is hovering by the CRASH doors, and confesses to Colette, that the man is her partner, and she beats him, although this time she went too far. Colette tells her she has to report it.

A young teenager Josie, on her roller blades, falls on some steps and impales her neck on a railing spear. Comfort and Nikki go to her aid, and Nikki talks to her while fireman cut the railing away. Nikki goes to see her later in the ward, where Josie thanks her.

And Patrick puts back in place a footballer’s ankle, which has been dislocated.

Lara tries to persuade Patrick to come to the party. He agrees, and Dillon later overhears him turning down [ID 388]Rachel[/ID] over the phone. Dillon tells Lara, and she goes up to Patrick’s room, dressed in her red cat suit. She gets Dillon to call her pager before things get steamy, and leaves Patrick waiting there, while she goes off partying.


* Mr Bruce – footballer with dislocated ankle.

* Nick Hamilton – plastic surgeon with hemotemesis.

* Carmel Ramsey – facial injuries and hairline fracture.

* Carmel’s boyfriend – stabbing to abdomen, dies in CRASH.

* Ben Lewis – Amanda’s son with burns to hand.

* Josie Duggan – impales neck on railing spear.

First Scene/ words

Chloe in car with boyfriend, Jason, outside A&E;

Chloe : Better go, thanks for the ride.

Jason : I had a great night.

Chloe : Well there’s plenty more where that came from.

Last Scene/ words

In the on-call room, Lara kisses Patrick on his bed, and her bleeper goes off;

Patrick : Leave it, leave it. Can’t it wait?

Lara : No, you just wait there and be comfortable. 5 minutes! (she leaves room)

Patrick : And he does it again!

(Lara sees Dillon outside by phone – he called her pager, they smile)

Lara : Let’s party! (laughs)

Notable Facts

* Josh lives at No.14 and has a blue front door

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