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Cas Character

Adam Cooke

Played by Steven Brand


S9 E1 – S9 E24

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words


Charlie : Been having a party in here Adam?

Adam : A bit of a messy suicide


Staff Nurse Adam Cooke had problems of the heart that Holby City Hospital couldn’t cure. He was unhappily divorced, sadly separated from the small daughter he adored, and forced to work in the same building as the man that his ex-wife had married. Not surprisingly, despite getting on with his immediate collegues, he didn’t settle down during his year in Holby City.

Adam, an intelligent, confident young man, knew during his teens that he wanted to work within the health service. He had considered trying to become a doctor but knew he’d be a borderline student, possibly unable to last the course. So he switched to nursing, progressed fast, met and married Emma and came to enjoy the challenge of accident and emergency work. Then came his divorce. When Emma married Dr Glen Quinn, an orthopaedic registrar, his first solution was to bolt to a job in the United States, determined to put his past behind him. The pay and conditions there were good, but he was only able to see his daughter Jessica during the school holidays and he missed her.

When he found out about a job going at Casualty in Holby, close to where Emma and Jessica now lived, he made the decision to return to England. However, working in the same hospital as the sarcastic and superior Glen was not his idea of fun. In S9 E4 Glen talks to Adam, telling him to stay away from Emma and Jessica. However, this isn’t what they want and when Adam can’t get away for Jessica’s birthday party in S9 E6, they turn up at the hospital to see him instead. In S9 E9, Glen Quinn is annoyed to find that Emma has brought Jessica into A&E to be looked after by Adam. The two are in the middle of a trial separation and Adam looks smug at his discomfort. A few episodes later, Adam is pleased to learn that Emma has filed for divorce. Emma, Adam and Jessica spend Christmas together. However, in S9 E15, Adam argues with Emma on the phone and she later comes into A&E and tells him their short-lived relationship is over. In S9 E16, we learn that Adam has taken a holiday to Lanzerote. It’s clear another new start was needed.

Memorable Moments

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